I need to blow up a laptop and re install windows.


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Hey everyone. I have an older laptop running windows. It got a virus about two years ago and I stopped using it. I got a Chromebook and am happy with it but it does not run some stock trading software I need. So my question is, I do not care about the data or anything on the old laptop. How can I re install windows ( I do not have a windows disk) by blowing up everything on it? I am hoping I can do that without a disk. All I need is a very basic machine that can run a simple charting program and the old laptop is fine for that. Thanks in advance.


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Then its really simple. You can do one of 2 things either choose to reset this pc and delete everything or go here and download the iso or usb install.

Choose to download the tool and follow the prompts to create whatever media you rather use. When you get the installation part where it asks for a key don't enter one as its already been installed, it will reactivate once it gets to the desktop screen. Or is your license tied to your MS account?
There is a simpler way!
Try to go via Startmenu/the Gearwheel/update and security.. Int the left pane you should se "Recovery", one clicking that you should see "reset" in the right pane...

If you select that, there will be 2 options.. keep old files and accounts (Do not select this one, since you did wrong last time)
the other is to erase all files and accounts.. (this one will install a clean Windows...)

Select the lower left option and create an local Admin account (name it, PCAdmin)
then you run Windows update and create a new STANDARD Account for your daily use!

read more about why here! and here!

Every experienced, well-trained, computer technician knows that the 1st account created (during the setup) will always become a member of the Administrators group.. (And for non-technicians that means this account will be the computer's administrator account!)

This is why this first account should NEVER be a Microsoft account but instead a local account with an explanatory name like: PCAdmin or similar..

And as every experienced computer technician knows, no one should use any computers with the administrator account as their everyday account due to major security risks..
(That sort of use was probably the main reason for smc635 getting the virus about two years ago..)

The method of having a separate admin account and using a standard user account yourself greatly increases your computer's security level WITHOUT limiting usage. And since no malware can inherit the users' administrative powers, it severely restricts the damage that an attack (Malware or hacker etc.) can cause!

This is a knowledge that every experienced, well-trained computer technician has known for more than 20 years...
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same crap different pile swede.what john said.
Only if you like to invite malware to your computer... by repeating the same fault that caused the previous malware attack!

remember, anti-virus softwares always has a gap between the introduction of new malware and when the anti-virus has a capability to detect and block the new malware.. So they will not protect you as much.. (therefore it´s best to remove the malwares ability to cause severe damage by removing the rights they inherit from the user)

If the anti-virus softwares did not have this gap most malwares would be extinkt by now.. Would they not! And that they are not!

And by the way... Did you not realise that a comment like yours actually reviles you as a being: non experienced-, non well educated-, non -technician..

Have a nice day! :)


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This is a knowledge that every experienced, well-trained computer technician has known for more than 20 years...
I mean permissions are a different thing than 'never signing in with a ms account'

You threw a lot of experience lines in there for your 'technician' title, aren't those usually reserved for lower level support?