I spend alot of time


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At a scifi forum but there computer discussion could do with some help its abit lame not like this site, I am broading my horizons by looking around. I guess if you like scifi then its alright.

What sites do you spend time at?


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I have seen a few episodes and the main thing i found is that Battlestar Galactica grew up, I like the new one, and the feel of it.

I liked the orginal series but that was then and this is now.


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I spend my time at
great site lots of different stuff there! Its members only so you would have to register!


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ian said:
I dont spend as much time on forums as I used to, but when I do, it is mainly at the two forums in my sig.
I also like to make time for
it's funny that you include my forum in that list! :D it's pretty much dead right now. this whole work thing is kicking my butt right now, i miss being on leave. i really should take some time to put into that site again and finish what i have started. i have been doing a lot of scripting for nmpoc.com lately, but won't be uploading any of it til it's done.

oh yeah, i spend a lot of time at these sites...

forums.wwwmasters.biz (don't post much there though)

there is more, but those are the main ones that i can be found on.


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wmstring {that's yours ZK}
SuZ's forums
mine.. and now i have to uninstall that CMS for the new site, and install another.. i can't seem to find the time to finish all these...

the other forums would have to content themselves without me.. {not that they'll miss me anyways..}

someone loan me an hour or 2.... euh.. make that 3 days

;-) Thank you Ian, Z...


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Ahh thanks Ian for including my humble forum on that list :)

Wow sci-fi forums, I've never really been to forums that weren't about something relating to my site...pretty narrowminded of me I guess. But forums are sooooo time consuming it's amazing. My little 100 member forum is killing me already lol. Not that I'm complaining but like AA put it so well I need to borrow a couple of hours spare time from someone.


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i dont want to have to wait that long... i might be bald by then... and shopping for wigs and hats would be a tad too costly ;)