I7 9700K Overclocking

Hey guys I recently got an I7 9700K and a RTX 2080 with a Corsair H115i Platinum cooler.

Never done OCing before and I have had a look online and when I try to find a guide they all seem to use i9 9900ks as a guide.

I have a pretty good cooler so I imagine OCing should be alright, can anyone help me do it?

Thanks :)


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You can start but enabling Multi-core Enhancement in the bios, set your core ratio to 50 and see if leaving everything else on Auto will be stable. Voltage range for the 9700k at all core 5.0ghz seems to be in the range of 1.35v to 1.38v.

If you still can't get it to be stable in those voltage ranges, i'd drop the core ratio down to 49 (4.9Ghz) and run at lower voltages. You can probably get that to run probably at sub 1.32v... hopefully.