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Discussion in 'Computer Networking and Servers' started by shaidi, May 17, 2019.

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    The company I work networking system is not stable and needs restructuring. I want to take your advice on how to build a stable network system which includes servers, VOIP, security, and cloud data storage, etc, etc. I honestly don't know much about servers and how to implement but I know basics in networking and computer hardware/software.

    Please if anyone can take the time to push me into the right direction on building a networked system to handle a company. Our IT department is old fashioned and will be changed gradually. We have already an existing system but am sure its out dated.
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    Honestly just hire someone either in the role or an external consulting party unless you only have something like two switches and one router.

    It will ultimately be less expensive than training up for it or similar, and I don't mean that negatively.
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    As one of those folks forced into rebuilding an office network because of instability, I totally agree with this. For reference, I write software. If you bit the bullet now it'll save you a lot in the long run.
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    I agree with you and guess its the best suitable way for us. Was looking for a pointer on what we could do using an advanced network system within our facility. We are located in Nigeria and technology wise they are developing but they lack in some areas. That's why I came here and requested for assistance.

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