In General, What Wireless Router Brands are Good?

Discussion in 'Computer Networking and Servers' started by amodoko, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. amodoko

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    Just curious, because I'm looking to get an inexpensive wireless router and would like to direct myself to brands that are generally better than others. I was already told to stay away from Belkins because some have said that those are the worst routers. So what are the good brands then?
  2. johnb35

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  3. brian

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    You are correct, stay away from Belkin. Newer Linksys are owned by Belkin, but as John suggested, the older wrt54g is a great model.

    But if you are tech savy and want the latest and greatest, Asus has some great models, I have the RT-AC68 ( It is hefty of the cost compared to the wrt54g. But it does have wireless AC,N,g,b capability with simultaneous 5GHz and 2.4 GHz. I have tried Belkin, Netgear, Linksys, Cisco, Apple you name it; Asus has by far the best out of box firmware I have seen. They are pricy but after a year of owning my rt-ac68 it will last you.

    But if it is out of your price range, yes, go with the wrt54g! Both will not let you down
  4. Okedokey

    Okedokey Well-Known Member

    There is also the RT-AC66U which does the same for cheaper.
  5. amodoko

    amodoko Member

    Awesome, thanks guys. I'll look to try to get one of those models. And to answer your question john, I'm okay with either G or N (I would prefer N but would be fine with a good G also). Seems that Asus and TP-Link are decent brands then based on the models you guys suggested.

    I've also seen an Asus that goes on sale a lot for pretty cheap. It is this one: . You guys have any experience with that model?

    Are there any issues with buying USED wireless routers (in working condition of course)? Like, do they lose speed or anything over time? Or are wireless routers the type type of product you want to buy new?
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  6. beers

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    Usually you would compare on a model-by-model basis. Some brands have a few turd models where other items in their lineup are regarded as solid.

    No real issue for used routers, although it's hard to tell sometimes if they're being specifically sold due to erratic behavior. Most people buy a router and that's it until it screws up to some degree.
  7. amodoko

    amodoko Member

    Yep, I hear ya, going to probably buy new anyways but was just wondering. Thanks bud
  8. jtech

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    Ive had alot of good luck with linksys newer 600n routers. There pretty fast and reliable and the setup is very simple. Easy to dhcp, bridge, or static as well as a guest account. Only thing i dont like about them is if the guest account is on you cant just leave it open it still gets a password. Kinda silly for guest account.

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