Increasing drive space on computer


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Hello everyone, I would like to increase the drive space on my labtop. I can use a usb to do this. What is the most reliable external drive out there. It will be plugged in all the time. I did this once but it was a long time ago and that external drive broke. Was looking for something very reliable.



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For reliability you'd want a flash based drive (like actual SSD with wear leveling and stuff), what's your budget and what are your capacity goals?

Also increasing the internal drive may be a moderate amount of initial work, but would save you convenience every time you'd have to leverage that storage.


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I would like around 128 gb and my budget is well... hard to tell. If this thing is known to be durable and last a good amount of time I'll fork over more for it but if there are still people complaining I might forgo it if it is expensive. Can you give a link as to what you have in mind? thanks