Increasing WiFi Range


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Hello together,
I life on a sailing boat and try to use WiFi-Spots in different ports.
In case that the spots are sometimes a bit farer away, I use a GL-AR300M-Ext with two external antennas as repeater on deck.

With these setup I will get a connection most times, but my problem is that the connection is very slow and also breaking down some times.
To optimize the connection I have buy 2 bigger antennas, but the connection is only getting a bit better but not good enough.

At last I test currently a directional antenna, but it is also not working really good:-(
Can you please help me?
Or do you have any ideas what I can do?

I will be lucky for all tipps
best regards


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Not much you can do if the wireless is too far away. Even in some hotels people have issues connecting and staying connected to their internet.


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The real question is, what is your mbps and ping to a server? Download or find a speed test site, in most cases by default it will do the tests to the nearest server and provide your speed and ping results. After that how many devices are you trying to use simultaneously? And what are doing on these devices when comes to being “busy”?