Incremental backup (of some folders only) to Memory Key

Discussion in 'Computer Memory and Hard Drives' started by ChrisC, Jan 19, 2019.

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    I make regular cloned full backups of my hard drive every couple of weeks to an external hard drive using the excellent Casper software. The drive is then held elsewhere for safety reasons.
    However, some of my files change daily or more often (eg accounts) but it is vital to have the latest version backed up.
    What program is available to make incremental backups only of changed files to a smallish flash key (which is too small to backup all my drive’s files), enabling backing up changes of files in a small number of specific top level folders and their sub-folders?
    For example, I have many large video files which I would not want backed up to the key (they are already backed up to the large external drive) but would want any files in my Accounts and Word folders incrementally backed up to the key perhaps twice a day.
    The key backups would preferably take place by quickly clicking somewhere just once, as the flash key would already be plugged into the computer.
    What I want is really a lazy way of doing manual backup of specific (changed) files to a small memory key!
    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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