Inexpensive non-pirated software?


I guess I want my cake and eat it. I don't want to use pirated software because I don't want to be hacked and it is also illegal but at the same time I want to pay the lowest price. I am confused though. I just did a google search for Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 and I am seeing prices ranging from $24.95 to $119,00. Another link came up on the first page of Google stating "how to get this specific version legally for under $10. Any feedback or safe sources for software purchases would be greatly appreciated.


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If you don't absolutely need Microsoft Office you could download the free, open source software called Open Office. It has counterpart apps for Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access. The Open Office modules can read & write files compatible with the MS Office modules.


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If you want it for Outlook, there is also Mozilla Thunderbird which is a very capable email client. It's a great alternative and functions very similar toOutlook.