Installing windows XP over 10

Tyler Logsdon

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Hi! I need help installing windows XP over windows 10. I have a usb drive and a windows xp setup file. I have tried using rufus, winsetupfromusb, ISO to USB, and PE builder. Nothing works. Rufus says that my iso is compressed to where Rufus can't handle it, winsetup only allows me to do the first step of setup(formatting drives), then it just boots into windows 10. Any help is appreciated :)

Tyler Logsdon

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But why?

Just run it in VMware Player or something.

My pc was built for windows xp and windows 10 runs pretty sluggish and uses a lot of the cpu at a time(intel core 2 duo clocked at 1.86ghz)

I've also tried running the setup.exe in compatability mode with windows 2000/ME

Tyler Logsdon

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If this system came with windows 10 then your gonna have major issues with drivers and other things.

The system came with windows XP, but I received it upgraded to 7. I installed windows 10 myself. But its stuttery and I would like to go back to XP.


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If resources are an issue just use Linux. Support for XP ended a while ago so it's basically swiss cheese if you're trying to use it as an internet-connected PC.

More RAM and a cheap C2D ebay upgrade such as a 6850 (<$10) would also help you out a lot. If your board supports wolfdales you can get an E8400 for $4.50 shipped which would give you ~60% additional clock speed and more cache.


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Would highly just recommend getting a new system. Doubt you'll be able to increase memory to a usable size for newer OS.


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I installed Win 10 on a netbook I used to have that originally came with XP and it ran Win 10 much better than it ever ran XP. The netbook was an Acer Aspire One with a whopping 1.5GB of RAM.

My suggestion would be to do a clean install of Windows 10 first to see if you can improve the performance (upgarde installs are notorious for having issues). If that didn't work then I would install XP. Make sure to delete the existing partitions then re-partition during the install.

Where did you get the XP ISO? Is it legitimate? No telling what the issue could be if you downloaded from some nefarious site.


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Windows 10 uses resources much more efficiently than Windows XP. I think that your Windows 10 install isn't optimised. If you want to see if that can be resolved first, I would recommend downloading PC Wizard, installing it, going to FILE, SAVE AS and saving the text file it produces. Copy that text here and we can help you further.


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Where are you getting your iso file from?

Get yourself a solid-state drive and see if you can upgrade the RAM and CPU. You'll have a brand new computer then.

Is it a Dell?
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