Intel 7 10700k or AMD 3950x processor?


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Hi ,
Would like a bit of advice/help. I've ordered a gaming computer build that was originally going to use intel core i9 10900k processor, overclocked to 5.1mhz unfortunately there out of stock and rather than waite for delivery (as it could be months) I've opted for an i7 10700k overclocked. But now having second thoughts...I could get a build using an AMD 3950X processor for the same cost and spec...the graphics card is a 11GB Evga RTX 2080Ti. This rig will be for online mmo my question is do I stick with the i7 overclocked or go with the AMD 3950x. Cheers


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Should be fine with what you have, you didn't really list a workload that would benefit from 16 cores.


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If all you're doing is gaming, the 10700k is fine. You might be going backwards slightly with the 3950X if you're not doing any productivity workloads.