Internal HDD keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting randomly

Discussion in 'Computer Memory and Hard Drives' started by gelo3iverson, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. gelo3iverson

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    Please help. I just bought this Seagate 2TB HDD and without any surprise it ran into some problems, like this god damned computer always do. This computer is fairly new, I bought it in September 2018. I don't know what the problem is with this computer but it had a faulty hard drive which led to it booting slowly and not reading any HDD's at all. Eventually, it got fixed when I removed the HDD and installed a new SSD. Works perfectly fine until this new HDD has been installed. Upon installation, I ran into a problem wherein the computer does not read the HDD but the BIOS and device manager detects it. My dad seemed to fix it however it keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting randomly, especially when I am copying something or downloading games from Steam and storing it in the HDD. My best guess is faulty wires/power supply issues? The power supply seems to be old and cheap as well.
  2. johnb35

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    If its a store bought pc, they use cheap low end power supplies all the time. Without knowing the model number of the power supply and what your pc specs are, can't tell if its sufficient enough.
  3. gelo3iverson

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    I don't know what the PSU is, it's really cheap ass.

    Intel i3-8100
    MSI GTX 1050 Ti
    8 GB HyperX Memory 2400MHz
    1 Kingston 240GB SSD
    1 Seagate 2TB HDD (problem)

    Also, when I play PUBG and download something at the same time, the game crashes and the HDD creates a ticking or clicking sound (not that bad ticking)
    It also shows in the Task Manager that it is at 100% disk usage.
  4. revolution221

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    This is an HDD?
    Are the Sata Cables (the cables from the HDD to the Motherboard) firmly connected or are they loose?
    To get the power supply (PSU) type, it should be listed on the side of the power supply itself
    Also when you say clicking or ticking, is it one the Drive normally makes (like when booting up)?
  5. beers

    beers Moderator Staff Member

    Is that a third, separate device, or the same HDD?

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