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Discussion in 'General Software' started by Samuel1941, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. Samuel1941

    Samuel1941 Member

    It's been a while since this board has discussed and recommended Internet Browsers.
    A few years ago, Pale Moon was a board favorite.
    I have been using it, but even though I keep it updated, it has some failures on some web sites.

    What is everyone's current favorite??
    Internet Explorer (outdated)
    Edge (MicroSoft's newest)
    CCleaner Browser (I just found this)
    Or ????

    Which Browser(s) would you avoid?

    Thanks for you input............... :)
  2. _Kyle_

    _Kyle_ Well-Known Member

    IE/Edge are garbage with small amounts of support, avoid those.

    Chrome is pretty great but it's RAM hungry and there's some privacy concerns regarding Google.

    Firefox, I've only used few times, but I'd say it's about on the same level as Chrome or pretty close. Not sure about privacy.


    Personally, I still use Chrome if I'm not putting anything super private out there (browsing forums, etc) and DuckDuckGo if I'm putting something out that I don't want Google knowing about me.
  3. revolution221

    revolution221 Member

    All of them (except maybe opera) for compatibility, yes even IE as it is the only browser that still supports the latest version of JAVA which can be needed for older websites/applications
  4. _Kyle_

    _Kyle_ Well-Known Member

    No browser I'm aware of supports Java, almost all support JavaScript though. I can attest that IE's support for JavaScript can be wonky sometimes, as not all methods work (I program regularly). IE only supports up to ES3 fully, and parts of ES5, while most new browsers support most if not all of ES6.

    All new browsers with ES6 support should be able to load older JavaScript scripts with no trouble. Some methods have been deprecated but they will typically still work.
  5. Dabler

    Dabler New Member

    As I am new to win 10 I am using Edge but some times I could use a second tab but haven't a clue how, I have tried looking on the top bar, no luck.
    I was used to internet explorer when I had win 7 that had at the top File, Edit, View, Favourites, Tools, Help.
    Under File you got New Tabs.
  6. strollin

    strollin Well-Known Member

    It's very easy to add another tab in Edge, there is a + sign on the top bar of the browser next to the last tab. Click it to open a new tab.
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  7. Dabler

    Dabler New Member

    Thanks strollin, I have found it.
  8. beers

    beers Moderator Staff Member

    Ctrl + T is also the common shortcut for opening a new tab, frequently faster than clicking :cool:
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