Internet Fraud


Someone is charging thousands of dollars to my Visa with online purchases. The first charge went through but my bank flagged the second charge and notified me. I called and the card is cancelled now and the charges are reported as fraud. What I don't understand is how they obtained my Visa number because I haven't used this card in over six years ?


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Probably got picked up in a breach. For the first time ever, I had a fraudulent charge on my debit card last week. It was a random sketchy 50 cent charge, which tells me the card was likely compromised in a security breach. Those small charges are sometimes the result of someone testing to see if the card works; if the charge goes through, the card information is then sold online. They can copy the card information to a fraudulent physical card or they can use the information on a website.

It's super important to check your accounts regularly and look for those weird small charges.