is my motherboard causing this problem?

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I am trying in install an audio card in a P4 Win XP system, With a fresh install of the OS. The system has never had an audio card. The card I'm trying to install is the Audigy 4 . I used the OEM Audigy 4 CD that came with the card. It installed a few utilities, then when it started installing the drivers the system locked up.
I had to hold the power button in to get out of it. Doing that, shut off the computer. And when I powered it back on, it would not even start to boot. I just got a dark gray screen.

Everything looked correct in BIOS setup. But the integrated audio was set to "on". I don't know if that matters.
I decided to re-install the OS. The OS installed fine.
So then I used a driver I downloaded from Creative Technology. But it too locked up the computer. So again I had to hold the power button in to get out of it. But this time when I powered it back on, it booted to the desktop.
At that point I gave up on installing an audio card. I was just going to use the integrated audio. But now that doesn't work either.. It was working before.
The Audigy 4 driver does Not show in device manager. The card is PCI. And I verified tested the card works in another very similar PC. The problem is in the system, not the card.
Here are photos of the motherboard.


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What is the service tag of that Dell? I assume you are using the original case, or is this a 3rd party case?

When doing a reinstall with an older OS, it is wise to keep a copy of the drivers as this is probably what you need. Does the integrated audio show in Device Manager?
1st thanks for your help.
I have all the different OEM drivers but I do not know what each driver is for.
I had to replace the MB 10 years ago because of a blown Cap. But the replacement MB is the exact same as it had. And the PC has been running fine all these years until I tried installing an audio card. The 1st strange thing that happened was when I tried installing a PCI x 1 audio card. The PC would not boot with a card in the PCI x1 slot. So I tried a PCI card instead and it was fine until the driver install locked up the PC.
There is some audio drivers in Device Manager. (I'm going by what I can remember on that). Other devices has multimedia audio controller. and in sound, video controllers there are 2 audio drivers. And in properties is says they are working ok. But here is no audio from the integrated audio. And windows media player says there is no audio device or it is not working properly.
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You'll most likely need to disable onboard audio before the dedicated card will work. Are you sure the sound card is even compatible with XP? There could be something wrong with that slot or the card itself. Multimedia audio controller is a generic driver so thats the one that would have to be corrected unless thats the integrated audio. Can you show a screenshot of your device manager that shows all devices needing drivers yet?
I did set the integrated audio to "off", but that made no difference because the cards driver is not installed.
I am certain the Audigy 4 sound card is compatible with XP because I have an Audigy 4 installed on a another PC that is identical to this PC.
In device manager under sounds, video, game controllers there should be a driver called " Creative SB Audigy 4 (WDM)". But as you can see in the photo below it is not.


The next two photos show all the Dell drivers I have.


Thanks for your help. I can usually resolve my computer problems with no or little outside help. But this is beyond my old brains capability.
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Whats the service tag number for this machine? You still need the onboard audio driver and the video driver installed. If you right click on those 2 entries where it says other devices and click on properties, then click on the details tab. It should show the 4 digit vendor and device id numbers like these. It may look exactly like that since yours is xp and mine is 10. Need the 4 digit codes after the ven_ and dev_


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The service tag # 262MX61. It is a Dell Dimension 4700. I have no problems installing the video driver. I just haven't installed the video driver yet because I just finished a new install of XP.
But I just discovered a new problem. Hidden behind the video card is a cap that is bulging. And next to the RAM slot is another cap that is bulging.
This is the 3rd MB I have put is this PC since I bought it 19 years ago. I own 2 other Dell Dimension 4700's and they have never had any blown caps. But the difference is those 2 other Dell Dimension 4700's do not have any video cards. This 4700 has a Nvidia GeForce 6800.
I am not going to put a 4th MB in it.


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Yeah at this point, it will be a matter of when, not if, those caps will go. Looks like it will need to be retired.