Is that it?(Newegg case selection)


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Does Newegg only have 13 cases to choose from? Or am I missing a page on the website or something? I haven't ever used Newegg, so I was just wondering that, I was thinking they would have at least 20 cases to choose from. I don't really like how those cases look(except for one, but it got bad reviews), is there another site I could order the case from.:confused:One more question,should I get a full tower or Mid tower, it will be used for gaming, price range $700-$800.
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Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ok. Well, I feel kind of stupid

No need for that, all sites have different navigation idiosyncrasies. The great thing about Newegg is the ability to filter results with powersearch, etc. Still, with over 700 cases to choose from, its enough to make your head spin. I prefer midtowers myself, but a full tower is great if you have plenty of space and lots of goodies to fill it up. Anyway, half the fun's shopping. :)