Is the difference between 1680x1050 and 1080p noticable?

Discussion in 'Video Cards and Monitors' started by rammstein, Feb 28, 2015.

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    Most of you probably find this question stupid but I have never seen a 1080p monitor before and I live in a rural area and cannot compare them in stores. I am looking to upgrade my 1680x1050 monitor (what p is that = to btw or is that impossible to say?) And would going higher than 1080p make any difference for blu-rays or youtube?
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    P is progressive scan, really has nothing to do with the resolution but more with how the frames are displayed. You could call it 1050p if you wanted.

    1680x1050 is a different ratio from 1920x1080, so yes you would see a difference depending on what your monitors native ratio is.

    And no, using a higher resolution than the media source will most likely actually make the quality worse. My friend has experienced this with a 4K TV he bought.

    If the source is 1080p, use 1080p.
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    Unless you need a lot of real estate on a large screen or you want to watch 4K footage or play games in resolutions higher than 1080p then I'd just get a 1080p for the time being. You'll notice there is more real estate than 1680x1050. For the price 1080p is very good value these days.
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    When you upscale a source from its original resolution, there will be quality loss in that process.

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