Is the monitor dead?


I have an LG 32 inch monitor. It uses a USB power cord. If I connect the USB power cord between the monitor and my computer and no monitor light turns on, does that mean the monitor is dead?


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Sorry to say but that monitor isn't usb powered. It requires a power adapter which should have came with it. That monitor does have usb ports but you need to connect usb cable from monitor to computer which allows you to connect other usb devices to the back of the monitor.


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USB cables are usually in addition to the power cord. A display will pull more than normal non-PD USB can offer, a lot of displays have USB hubs built into them so you would need that extra cable to facilitate completing that data circuit back to the PC for those USB ports.

There's some newer USBC monitors that you can both display and power via the same interface but that isn't one of them.