Is this casing compatible with these specs?


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I am building a custom desktop gaming PC, some of the specs are: asus gtx 950 2gb ddr5 dual fan, hyperx fury ram Kingston 8gb 1 piece, asus h110m -d d3 lga 1151 motherboard, core i5 6 generation processor and dvd drive and sata hdd. Will all these fit inside this casing. It also has a power supply coming with it. 500w? Is it good enough for these to run on?

Link to the casing:

Some suggestions and an answer would be really appreciated.

Thank you


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The case lists the following standards:
• Mainboard Type : ATX, Micro ATX, Mini-ITX

So, any of those form factors will fit :)

The Asus H110M-D D3 is a Micro ATX board.

As a side note, I probably wouldn't trust that power supply to be decent. Something like a Corsair CX will provide a lot more stable power delivery without breaking the bank.


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I suggest you get alternative motherboard.
That mobo with DDR3 RAM.
You should get one with DDR4 RAM, unless you intend to use old ram you've got.