Is this worth $345


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Looking for an opinion on an upgrade on a AIO that will be for home use internet, youtube, Microsoft office products etc. Some live streaming but definitely not a gaming machine lol

Im looking at Lenovo Ideacenter A540 direct from Lenovo and also one from Best Buy. The two at Lenovo are $345 different in price. My instinct is saying just take the cheaper version. It comes with 9th gen i5 9400T, Win 10 Home, 8 GB DDR4 and a 256 GB SSD

The upgraded version would be with a 9th gen i7 9700T, Win 10 Pro, 16 GB DDR4 and a 512 GB SSD for $345 more. Is my instinct correct or is that a great price for the upgrade and I'd be stupid not to do that?

The best buy version is the same as the first one but with a 12 GB DDR4 for $100 more than the base model at Lenovo so then it's a $245 difference from the upgraded one at Best Buy and that seems like it would be short sighted to me. Might as well go for the full upgrade at that point.

Your thoughts are appreciated.


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Eh, not really. 8G of DDR4 is like $30, ~500GB SSDs are around the $50-55 mark, the bump in CPU though gives you an extra two cores and higher boost value, although given the TDP I would expect them to turbo around similar values (and possibly less on the 9700T)..

Prebuilts are extra expensive once you start tacking on your own replacements as you either pay a gouged premium for upgrades from the vendor. or you eat the cost of buying the original component as well as the upgrade.

Personally those differences, while would make a better computing experience, aren't worth the rate they're asking and you can DIY upgrade for much less.