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Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by Silver Fire503, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Silver Fire503

    Silver Fire503 New Member

    So we got a new computer today, but for some reason we can't get much to pop on the monitor. It either keep's saying "Check signal cable" or it just stay's at a black screen. Does this have something to do with the graphics card or something else?
  2. johnb35

    johnb35 Administrator Staff Member

    Could be ram or video. Take it back if you just got it.
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  3. UnholyVision

    UnholyVision Active Member

    Before you rush out to take it back. If they offer a repair at least you can tell them an idea what might be really happening.

    - Secure all connections of the monitor and computer.
    What I would suggest doing is first try another cable to see if by chance it's a bad cable.

    - It does show something and then say Windows Logo appears and then it goes black. It could be a bad video driver.
    If you're seeing a Windows logo, tap F8 while booting the machine to go into safe mode. Uninstall any drivers and restart to see if it works.

    - No post/splash screen it could be a bad video card or cable -
    If you have another computer with a video card that can fit that machine, swap them out to see if it works.

    - The computer splash screens and nothing happens afterwards it could be no OS, a bad install of UEFI or an OS, or perhaps the boot order is incorrect.
    If you see the bios splash screen hit the required key such as "delete", "F1", et cetera on boot. If you can get into the boot options switch it to the HDD or SSD that has the OS on it.
    After doing that to have no success you may need to install an OS or send it back. My suggestion is get a ISO of a Linux distro such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint, put it on a USB Flash Memory Card/Stick and set your boot options to that. If it launches there is something it confirms one of the above or a bad disk.
  4. beers

    beers Moderator Staff Member

    If it's brand new under warranty you shouldn't have to dick around with fixing something that is broken out of the box.

    I'd just push for a replacement.
  5. UnholyVision

    UnholyVision Active Member

    To each there own. I personally am not a fan of restocking fees, shipping fees, repair costs, and all that other jazz. Specially for something that could be easily fixed. (Not saying this instants it is easily fixed).

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