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    Hello all you lovely people!
    As part of my college course I have been asked to get some information on how people feel about IT security. Essentially I want to find out if the Operating System someone uses, has some correlation with how secure they feel their system is and how they take steps to ensure their system is secure. The survey is completely anonymous and will not ask for any personal details. It is 10 questions long so it should not take any longer than 5 minutes. It would be massively appreciated if you could do this and if you have any survey you need filling in, please post a comment with a link and I will be happy to return the favour.

    Thank you all so much!
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  2. Deadpool

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    Done. The last question kinda confused me though :p
  3. mistersprinkles

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    To the question "How do you secure your PC when you're away from it" I answered "with a rope"

    I hope my input was helpful.

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