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    Finally, some good news! I managed to gain access to the drive by using HDAT2. ( I followed the instructions from copied below for future reference.

    After doing that I've booted back into Windows on my SSD and the drive is visible just like it always was. I'm going to run checkdisk just in case and so on and so forth.


    1) Upon booting the disc, select option 1

    2) Type HDAT2 and hit enter

    3) All your drives will be shown in HDAT2 console. Drive with HPA partition will be labeled "HPA_IS_ACTIVE".

    4) Hit ENTER on the drive you wish to remove HPA
    5) Select "SET MAX (HPA) Menu"

    6) Select "Set Max Address"

    7) Next screen will show how much space the HPA partition has taken (Current Hidden). New hidden is automatically set to 0. Simply hit "S" and HPA partition will be wiped out.

    8) Hit any key and it should bring you back to the main menu. If not, hit escape until you see the main menu. Verify that HPA partition is indeed removed. Reboot.

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