jumper configuration table on 5.25 ide HDD


Hi all,
Is it me, or is the jumper configuration table on 5.25" ide drives needlessly complex. These tables don't seem to mirror the actual jumper pin structure (4 rows of two pins :):::); instead they show 4 rows across and three rows down. I'm sure there's some reason for it, but for most BDUs, who really only want to know what jumper goes where, for slave and master, this seems like overkill.
...... john


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There were some other functions on those IIRC which were usually on the label.

Cable Select all the way brah.


Hi beers,
Thanks for replying. Cable select eh? That brings up another problem I'm having. I'll start another thread for it though.
....... john


I have resolved the problem. I won't say figured it out, because I'm not sure what I corrected.
I wiped the WD drive, and cloned my OS from the backup onto it (all with Lazesoft). Now the backup drive
shows in Windows when I boot from the WD drive. So ..... problem fixed.
I have one other question though. After wiping the WD drive and cloning the OS onto it from my
backup, I've noticed that there are two small partitions, in addition to the large one.
One is unallocated, 10.31mb, and the other NTFS, 141.20mb of which only 5.00mb is used. Any idea what
these partitions are there for?
...... john