Kaspersky safety.

In the past Kaspersky has had reports claiming direct connection with Russian government and potential security issues, and yet it still seems to be highly rated as an anti-virus software. I remember in the 90s people used to joke that those that create anti-virus software make the viruses too, but is this an actual concern with Kaspersky? I have used it a few years without issue, but I wonder if the surprise could still be upcoming to affect everyone at once that uses it. I know the U.S. government no longer uses anything from them.

Any thoughts?


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I used for several years then found out it was from Russia.
I stopped using it a couple years ago. Was afraid they might start
using for illegal means which would affect anybody that is using it.
Here's my review on Kaspersky

I made a mistake by paying for 2 years in advance. I've only been with this since Oct. of last year.

In the last few months I have lost tons of my time & been severely stressed out by them. Their software STOPS me from downloading software. It NEVER asks me if I want to block or allow it, IT decides on its own. It also blocked me from registering on a site.

Their tech support doesn't understand English & it took a month to get a manager to call me when they were the ones who suggested I talk to them on the phone. I had to e-mail them over & over again asking why I've never gotten a call.

Their software was updating Opera on its own, & then setting it as my DEFAULT BROWSER. They blamed it on Opera in the end, but I don't think it was Opera.

Their software is NOT user friendly & even my website coder couldn't find the instructions to stop the software or sites from being blocked. Even one of their popups has NO way to X out of it. It just stays on the screen unless I tell it to delete the software that I DO want.

And now I couldn't write up a ticket because they have a bug on their site that doesn't have options in a drop down menu.