WIndows 10 Keyboard bug


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Hey all,
I am having a small problem with my keyboard. Sometimes my keys will stop working. But they still work on different sites.
For example: I won't be able to type in Firefox search bar but I can type in my Gmail search bar. This "resets" the keyboard and it works again.
This happens in many situations and sites, not just Firefox. It also happens outside of the web browser and on other programs.
Any help is appreciated.


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Have you tried a different keyboard? Is it wireless or wired?
Thanks for the reply.
It happens on any keyboard. My laptop keyboard stops responding, I plug in my external USB keyboard it also does not work.
Again, I go to Gmail, type in the search bar and both work. Gmail always works and resets it.
I should add my keyboard drivers are up to date.


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Then it sounds like you an issue with your operating system. Try running Ccleaner first and then run Malwarebytes and see if there is a difference. If not, you can try doing a reinstall of the operating system.