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  1. DoroDoro

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    Hi all,

    I am going to spend a semester in Seoul, South Korea (for which I am super excited about!)

    I was planning to bring my laptop with me and I wondered if I need to pay attention to anything? Like, is there anything that could prevent it from working over there? I know that I'll need an adapter for the wall sockets, but other than that could there be any problems with the voltage, or is that all truly internationalized?

    Appreciate any experience!
  2. Cisco001

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    No problem with voltage. it works 100V - 240V

    All you need is adapter.
  3. Triathlon

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    I’m not sure, I have heard that countries have different standards for electricity. So I guess just check, if SK and your country use the same standards. You should check the info on your power adapter.

    There should be also some logos there, signifying different nation’s conformity with the product or something. For Korea it’s kind of an ‘KC’ logo, you can see here (further down
  4. ssal

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    It is just like the UL standard in the US, or the CE standard in Europe. Your appliance still works with or without the certification. Mostly these are politics that prevent other country from entering their home market. Get a wall adapter and that's it.

    Or you can pick up a computer over there. Sell it when you leave.
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