Laptop battery/screen issue causing lag ???


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Hello I been putting this problem off for too long and am so fed up that i am now begging for help.

I have a msi gp63 leopard 8re that ive enjoyed using for several years now, and for the last couple months now ive had a issue where the battery indicator for charging has been going on and off, on and off.

Let me first off say that this problem all started when my laptop screen was breaking off the hinges.
At first it was just cracked and everything was fine, but me not fixing it and constantly just opening and closing the screen caused the problem to get worse
Eventually it broke off the hinges and started giving me the problem.
I wouldnt of even cared so much but it has been causing lag issues with the laptop for whatever reason, i have no idea.
I would love to hear from someone who knows why battery charging on and off would cause the laptop to lag?
Also why the laptop screen cause this particular problem?

Now ive tried changing the power settings and playing around with settings for what the screen does when on and off and blah blah blah.
Nothing seems to work. Ive even gone ahead and bough a new charger for the laptop and its still having the same issue, so im returning that.
Ive tried reinstalling windows and nada.
But i dont care about the screen anymore as i dont plan on fixing it. Ive decided to just keep it connected to a hdmi and have it in the back of my tv to one of its ports with a bluetooth keyboard and mouth.
As i mentioned, but want to add that i did try to change settings so to keep the power and everything functional even with the laptop screen closed.
Thinking that maybe if the screen is closed i can just keep it plugged in with hdmi to tv and power and avid this issue with the battery charging on and off constantly.

Nothing seems to work.

So Im looking for help.
Why is this problem keep persisting, and what can i do?

Please help
Thank You


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Just to add, its also giving me a problem with the computer knowing when its idle or not and ive got a program running that i use that is not functioning as it should. So helping solve my problem will help with lag and idle.


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You most likely have damaged the circuitry in it somewhere. Without taking it in and have someone look at it, not much else you can do. How old is the machine? Can you remove the battery in that model and test just being plugged in?