laptop charger port


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Is it better to leave the charger plugged into the laptop overnight when im not using it or better unplugging it everytime its fully charged or when i need to use it away from the desk table? I only ask because my last laptop the charger port went bad i would often unplug it at the end of the day and plug it in the next morning when using it. Trying to preserve my new laptops charging port as well as battery.


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I'd plug it in and leave it alone.

Unplugged and replugging will do nothing but wear it out faster. Your computer and battery are fine to be plugged in indefinitely. It'll automatically detect if it's fully charged and stop charging.

They myth that plugging in a fully charged device damages it is is a relic of older technology that couldn't self regulate power draw. Nowadays, leave it on the charger when you don't need to take it anywhere.

Physically plugging and replugging daily will wear it out faster than plug it once and just remove it when you need the portability. A full power drain of the battery (down to zero) once every few weeks or month is a good idea though to keep the battery healthy and the life indicator accurate.


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It's fine to just leave plugged in. As per others, introducing more charge cycles will wear it out faster.

Long gone are the days of NiCd where you had capacity 'memory' and unregulated charge cycles.