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  1. ZambieTB

    ZambieTB New Member

    So, I've been saving up for a small, portable laptop for editing videos and storing footage. Mind you, I will be getting a hard drive. I'm looking at 4 ones, and I don't know too much so if I could have some help choosing one which with a hard drive could run:

    Elgato Software :

    HitFilm Express (Editing) :

    These are the laptops I am looking at:
  2. Deadpool

    Deadpool Active Member

    Bro those things are gonna be painfully slow. Get something better with a Hard Drive and forget about it.

    Maybe something from this list: List

    If you canĀ“t afford that you can look into getting something used.
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  3. _Pete_

    _Pete_ Active Member

    Agree with Deadpool. Personally I wouldn't go for a laptop at all for video editing. If I could afford it I would buy an Apple Mac. Yeah yeah I know. Wash my mouth out, or at least a very powerful desktop Windows computer. Video files can be very large and could take an interminable time to render.
  4. mistersprinkles

    mistersprinkles Active Member

    You want to edit video on a netbook?

    Come ooooooooooooooon bro. That's not going to work.
  5. adrianuswibowo

    adrianuswibowo New Member

    i think the specification on netbook cannot manage aplication you want to start using, i suggest you to search specification minimum for your laptop is core i3 and 4 Gb for RAM is enough for your workstation in all aplication beside hardcore gaming

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