Laptop for grandparents! Please help!!!

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    Right, first post...

    Ok, first i will give you a bit of background info:

    I am a Mac user, and have been for the last 3 years, (previously an XP user), and i have now lost touch with the windows world.

    My grandparents (now into their late 70's) have been contemplating getting a computer for about 5 years now, but it is finally getting to the point where they are needing one in the near future (next 6 months or so). All they need to do on it is word processing, the occasional spreadsheet, email, and internet, so nothing powerful or fancy.

    They now live in an apartment, and have gone for a modern look in there, and so naturally about 2 years ago when i had become a very satisfied mac user thought that and imac would be a very good option for them, - 1 wire for power, and then every thing else cam be wireless, but they have now decided that they want a laptop so that they can go around the flat with the computer. they also want a screen that is 17", and to go with mac, this would be expensive (17" macbook pro about £2000 & refurbished still about £1500) and to do some simple tasks this is quite a lot, and even more when you add on the price of all the extras, modem, router, back up, printer etc.

    So they have now decided that they want to get a nice 17" laptop with windows 7, (aarrgghh), despite my continued debates that macs will need a lot less virtual maintenance (firewall, anti - spyware, virus, malware etc.)

    So.... at long last the bit that we are all interested in:

    What is the best laptop for them -

    (and for those of you who could not be bothered to read the long essay above - it needs a 17" ish screen, windows 7, reputable manufacturer, & only needs to be able to do simple word processing, email and internet).

    Thank you


    P.S - I am pretty familiar with almost all computer things, i have just forgotten everything about windows. :rolleyes:
  2. Jager720

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    oh yeah, it also needs to have wireless. :p
  3. daisymtc

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    Amm... go for mid-range spec. such that it could last 2-3 years.
    Probably intel T6500/T6600 with 4GB RAM??

    screen size - Is it a must to have 17"? They are more expensive than standard 15.6"...

    Since your grandparents using it, I suggest you go for currys/ comet/ pcworld, etc. such that she can take back to shop if there is any problem.

    Brand - Advoid emachine, Advent, Ei System
    Presonal preference would be HP, Asus, Sony, Toshiba
    Acer and Dell provide good value for money, and not too bad.

    And if you buying anti-virus/ internet security, I recommend kaspersky.
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    Would a desktop not be a bit easier for them to use? I found when teaching, it was easier to have an actual mouse and keyboard, as well as a bigger screen.
  6. tremmor

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    grandparents need yes, a 17" minimum.
    Love the idea of 19" as suggested. thats even better.
    Also full size keyboard. patience is something
    they have. can't see it will not work.

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