Laptop keyboard stops working after a short period of time


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I have a Pavilion g6 hp laptop and i am getting frustrated with this issue. when the laptop is turned on the keyboard works fine with every key except the arrow down key I am fine with that but after 10mins or so the keyboard stops working.. but weirdly the function keys keep on working. Once the keyboard stops working the only way to make it "work" is to hard reset the laptop: Take the battery out take any charger out and press the power button for 90 secs. This method works but the cycle repeats when it's loaded into windows it works for the same amount of time right before it stops working... The keyboard doesn't work in bios as well I did connect an external keyboard and that seems to work all the time I also reseated the keyboard cable that connects to the motherboard but that didn't work I am not sure what's causing the problem I know for a fact that the keyboard works because it works for 10 minutes.



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Did you spill any liquid on it? It sounds like either liquid damage or a defective keyboard.

You should be able to find a new keyboard on eBay for cheap.