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Discussion in 'General Computer Chat' started by Jordant107, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. Jordant107

    Jordant107 New Member

    I've recently got a new laptop supplied by school, but the only issue is that they're majorly restricted. Below is a list of what has been restricted on the computer.
    - USB ports have been disabled by the administrator
    - CD/DVD drive has been disabled by administrator
    - Internet sites have been majorly blocked- only sites that the school wants can be accessed.
    - the control panel options can't be changed, again they've been blocked by the administrator
    This is only part of many problems with the computer, so if anyone knows how to fix it, then their help would be much appreciated. All that has been disabled requires an administrators password btw. I also want to be log on from my home computer to the schools server- does anyone know how to get an IP address and set up a link?
  2. powerpack

    powerpack banned

    Rule #1 of fight club is don't post twice!

    Your Administrator is both a dick and idiot. What can I say with all those idiotic restrictions?

    We can't help you crack it here. We could but the rules say no. Google is your friend and your Admin is a douche.
  3. brian

    brian VIP Member

    Since it is not your computer, the school has every right to place those restrictions. We will not help you get past those restrictions. If you have a problem with it talk with the technology director at the school.
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