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    I've already made 1 or 2 threads about a case I should buy, and this is probably the last time I'll bother this community about buying a case. I've finally narrowed it down. I am thinking about buying these products:

    Antec P182 SE or

    Antec Sonata 500

    I was originally going to buy a Cooler Master Cosmos, but I want my case to fit in one of these

    and it does not look like the Cosmos can with those "carrying handles"

    The P182 looks better, but its more expensive, so I was going to buy a sonata when I found a deal on Neweeg a P182 for about the same price as the sonata. I have no idea why though.

    Does the cheap version of the P182 come with a power supply and fans like the Sonata?

    Last thing,

    Can I migrate all of my HP Pavilion's a1520n's components into either of these without any trouble?
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    The term cpus should be relabeled to "pc cases" since you simply slide the entire case inside. The P180b offers the top fan like seen on the 182SE for a much lower price seen at

    Price shopping around a little especially at the shopping sites is one way to find out just who has what for the actual lowest price. Like $149.99 for the P182SE at
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    since it will be closed and you can ignore the sound/lights, get an antec 900. They generally go from $70-$100, have amazing cooling, and are spacious enough =D
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