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Discussion in 'Computer Accessories' started by liquidmonkey, Jan 9, 2020.

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    I've recently rebuilt my pc and decided to get a 3 pack of Fractal Design Prisma AL-14 LED PWM fans. The mobo is a ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING.

    Originally I thought I could connect the fans to the RGB HEADER(S) and control them all using AURARA sync

    BUT I've since learned that those RGB Headers are 12 V and only for LED strips.

    So, how on earth can I connect my fans up so I can control the fancy schmancy led's???

    Is the a 5V header on the mobo I've missed?
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    It's not that the headers on your motherboard are for strips (although your motherboard manual states they are); there are two types of RGB connectors:

    4-pin 12 volt

    3-pin digital 5-volt/ 12-volt

    Your motherboard utilizes 4-pin headers and your fans utilize 3-pin connectors. You'll have to purchase a 3-pin control module for your fans. There may be a 4-pin to 3-pin convertor for the motherboard but I'm unsure. 3-pin digital RGB is also known as addressable RGB.

    We're dealing with this at work right now because the 3-pin fans we purchased don't state whether they're 5-volt or 12-volt LED. It's a mess, especially considering if you reverse a 4-pin RGB connector it will damage the LEDs.
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    Ok, gotcha. My fans are 4 pin 12 V and the LEDS on the fan are 5V which plugs into a 4 pin slot but there are only 3 pins. It looks like I can daisy chain them together too.
    Looks like I need a controller.

    However, i also want to add a few LED Strips, which would go directly into the mobo 12 V headers.

    But, can I control the fans (which are connected to a controller) and the LED Strips via the built in Aura Sync?

    Really want to avoid two control systems and I assumed by buying this mobo that everything could just connect there and done.
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    No, the AL-14 fans you purchased will not plug into a 12 volt 4-pin RGB header. They will only plug into a 5 volt 3-pin digital (addressable) header, which your motherboard does not have.

    Unfortunately, no. You could purchase the Corsair Commander Pro which controls all LEDs (4-pin or 3-pin) via the Corsair iCue software, but it's pricey. There may be other LED control boxes but I can't speak to their functionality or compatibility.

    Yeah unfortunately your motherboard does not utilize the necessary headers to control your fans RGB. Pricier motherboards can utilize both RGB variants.
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