LGA 1700 motherboard compatible with Windows server 2022


I tried to install Windows server 2022 on this mobo (Asus Prim H610M-A D4 CSM). Asus tells me it's not compatible with Windows server operating systems. I was able to install the server OS on some older Asus motherboards, but not the one I mentioned above. Can anyone recommend such a mobo? I am not using this as a server, but just a regular PC. I want to try the server OS to see if an app I need to run will run with fewer crashes on the server OS. I can run the app on a dedicated server running Windows server 2019 and it does not crash, so that's why I want to test it on a PC.
Which shrouded in secrecy app are we referring to?

It'd be much easier to install it onto VMware Workstation or something, although you would inherit any other system instabilities.
It's Tradestation, so hence the need for reliability. Tradestation is a notoriously buggy piece of software. I thought about a VM, but that's another level of complications which I don't care for.
that's another level of complications which I don't care for.
It's infinitely odd to me to just make up a blame factor. You have the perfect opportunity to prove your own invented claims, but instead choose to base your reality upon assumption.