Linking a WiFi router to a 4G modem / router

Discussion in 'Computer Networking and Servers' started by Totally_Lost, May 27, 2018.

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    I have a 4G modem / router. Attached to it, I have an external 9 dB gain omnidirectional antenna, located 7 meters atop a pole, just outside my home. The modem / router receives a 4G signal from an antenna array high up a tower, located 5.02 kilometers from here.

    Anything within a few meters of the modem / router, is fine to connect via WiFi. But, if I want to walk around the yard (5 acres), the WiFi signal drops off quickly. Firstly, because it is inside a building. But, second and most importantly, because the 4G modem / router has a 2.4 Ghz radio, broadcasting only through an internal WiFi antenna.

    What I wish to do is, expand my WiFi signal coverage area, by connecting an external router to this device. Is this even possible? I mean, is it possible to connect a WiFi router, via the USB output port? Do they exist?

    As you can see, there are no RG45, or any other ports for that matter, on this unit.

    Another concern, even if it is possible to buy a router with a USB WAN port, I had to install a file on the computer, in order for the modem / router to even recognize it via the USB port. So, I am a bit concerned that a WiFi router will even be able to connect to it.

    By WiFi, I can have up to 6 devices connected to this modem / router. Not sure if that includes the desktop connected via the USB port, though. But, if I were able to attach a WiFi modem, I could then transmit the signal all over the property.

    Any helpful input would greatly be appreciated.
  2. johnb35

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    As far as I know there are no routers that have a usb wan. You will most likely have to get a different router capable of doing what you want it to do.
  3. Totally_Lost

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    The internet provider has another modem / router, which does have a LAN (RJ45) port on the rear of the unit, in place of the USB port. The only problem is, it is also a slower model. I think it will give me half the connection speed this one has.

    This unit runs between 5 and 6 Megabits down stream, and between 3 to 4 Megabits up stream. Still quite slow by comparison to North American connection speeds, I know. But, in rural "farm land" Cambodia, one can't be too choosy, when having home internet service (at all) is considered living in high cotton.

    Thanks John. I appreciate your input. Maybe they will come out with a new modem / router soon, that will give me the options I want.
  4. Intel_man

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    Some of the high end Asus routers have that.
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  5. Totally_Lost

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    Thank you. I will have a look at them.

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