Liquid cooling help please.

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I recently ordered my parts to start my first liquid cooler for my cpu/gpu. I have one pump, one 2x120mm Rad a CPU and GPU block. Now there are a couple of things I am wondering. Can I add a second rad into the loop if I wanted? PUMP>RAD>CPU>GPU>RAD repeat. because right now I was going to build it PUMP>CPU>GPU>RAD repeat. But I am not sure if my dual 120mm rad will be enough to cool both my GPUs and my CPU. If I put in a T hose splitter to run my GPU/CPU seperate would that help? and then just bring them back into one with another T splitter right before the rad?All opinions and insight would be great. Thanks.

Here is a link to my pump
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you asking if a dual rad is good enough for phenom II and 2x5970's>? "cool both my GPUs and my CPU"

no way!!

if you are looking at them two cards and the cpu you wanna start thinking about maybe a dual rad for the cpu and a tripple rad for the gpu's at least..

the pump you have is high pressure pump indeed but when your talking about multiple water blocks and multiple rads you wanna start thing about another pump!

i have one of them laing ddc pumps and a tripple rad cooling my motherboard and cpu, i will be making another loop with a tripple rad and pump etc for gpu's!!

if however you just mean the single gpu and cpu then you could get away with adding another dual radiator into the loop without any worries, make sure you have some high quality fans aswell
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