List of Antivirus Suites That Presently Work with Windows 7 Beta

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    If you’ve decided to give Windows 7 a whirl and have recently installed the open now closed beta, you’ll have noticed that upon installation you are notified of the fact that you’re lacking proper antivirus software.

    This is nothing new and actually has been a “feature” of Windows ever since XP’s SP2 got released and the Security Center came to exist. It’s nothing new either to have a majority of antivirus suites to become incompatible with brand new operating systems - and Windows 7 is no exception, especially more so in its current beta form.


    Upon a bit of investigation you probably made your way to the Windows 7 security provider page at Microsoft’s site and perhaps were let down by the fact that the three “officially” supported AVs are all paid software or that your preferred suite isn’t listed (AVG is listed but not the free version). So, we’ve decided to install and test a variety of the more popular options out there so you don’t have to.


    We will start things off by confirming that the supported AVs on Microsoft’s page indeed work:

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    When I had it on my PC I used Avira Antivir Free with no problems.

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