Logitech Performance MX mouse batteries dying very fast?

Discussion in 'Computer Accessories' started by konsole, Sep 26, 2019.

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    I had sold this mouse to someone and they claim to be having issues with the battery dying very quickly. At first they said that the battery was only lasting an hour in the mouse, and then later on said the battery was only lasting for minutes, but I don't know exactly how long they mean by "minutes". I didnt have the mouse that long as I found it at a thrift store and used it for a while just to test it out and see if I wanted to keep it. When I had it I used an Eneloop AA and I know that I used it for way more then 1 hour, and I only stopped using it because I decided I didnt want to keep the mouse.

    So they want to return it to me because they are convinced there is an issue with the mouse. I just can't imagine a scenario where a good healthy battery would only last a few minutes in the mouse. If the mouse normally runs for weeks or a few months on a good battery, but is only lasting a few days or a week at most, then that makes sense that the mouse is draining the battery very quickly. To drain a rechargeable battery in an hour or "much" less means the mouse is draining 2000+ mAh from the battery in that time period, which is crazy fast for a wireless mouse. Its possible the mouse has built up a very high resistance so the battery is just not capable of overcoming that resistance and properly powering the mouse, but I would think this would cause the battery to not power the mouse at all.

    I don't think I have gotten a clear answer from them about the health of the battery they are using, but they claim its the battery thats coming out of another identical mouse, and they are fulling charging the battery in that other mouse.

    So either they arent being honest about whats going on here, or they are using a battery that is no good, or maybe their computer is disabling the mouse or something similar to this, or maybe there is something wrong with the mouse. We are at the point where the buyer might as well send it back to me, but I was hoping you guys had some ideas of any things to try to figure out what the actual cause of this issue is?
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    I'd hazard a guess they're just trying to screw you and don't want it anymore.

    I would pretty much tell them tough love and move on but really just kind of circumstantial.
  3. spit

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    If that was the case , the battery is U/S .
    Batteries die , eventually .
    But , it is a case of " SOLD AS SEEN" with no comebacks on you .
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    Five bucks they'll send you back a different one they have that was already exhibiting the issue, and not the one you sent them.
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