Looking for a cheap $300 laptop.


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Hey there, I'm not too familiar with buying laptops, so I came here. Basically I'm trying to find a decent-ish laptop as a second computer I can take with me since taking my desktop isn't an option.

It doesn't need to be super powerful, basically web browsing, maybe some digital art (preferably with Krita), a tad bit of programming, and maybe a tiny bit of gaming if possible, nothing more than maybe Minecraft or RCT 3. I might occasionally use it for homework but that would fall under the web browsing category.

I don't mind if it's a Chromebook, either, since I'll be putting Linux on it anyways. If you can find a decent Chromebook in this range feel free to link it.

Screen size isn't too important either. Just try to stay away from anything with massive bezels if possible.

Battery life needs to be around or above 6 hours I'll be using this a lot away from home.

Try to stay in the $300 range, but if it's really worth it you can push up to $350.

(A decent 2 in 1 at this budget isn't likely but if you happen to see one that'd be awesome.)
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Would you consider an used one? That $300 would get you a lot more in the used market.


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If you can find one that's got a higher resolution screen that might be preferable but also difficult. 1366x768 does feel pretty cramped but not a deal breaker at that price point by any means. Might be able to find one 1600x900 or even 1080p but likely more expensive.


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Are you sure this machine can handle what the OP intended it for? The CPU has an extremely low bench test.
Where you seeing that? It's a 6300U, fine for more than basic usage. My 4200U was slower and 2 generations behind that and it still keeps up fine with regular usage.

What am I missing?
Why would this Dell selling for $2,450?
Much more powerful machines like this HP is selling for under $1,000

The price on that Dell is hilariously off. That's lower spec than the one I linked at $300.


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Because its sold from a third party, not Amazon. You really have to watch on what you are getting. Those third parties really rape you for money. Same thing on newegg as well.
Then who are the people buying that at that price?
On second look, the seller is Dell?


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It's being sold by a company called Right Coast not Dell. You'll see the sellers name under the add to cart button.

I hope noone would be stupid enough to buy it for that price.