Looking for a digital camera.

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  1. Cooto3s

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    Okay so I'm looking for a digital camera that costs top 400$. Anyone that knows any good ones? Links would be great :)
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  3. scooter

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    This depends...there are alot of fabulous cameras but you need to tell us..

    do you want point and shoot, extended zoom, SLR..

    Any features you absolutely love /want to have?

    Do you use Autofocus or prefer to adjust manually?

    Do you want a camera that has multiple lens' choices or a camera with a fixed lens'...

    I have a Nikon P-5000 10mp pocket point and shoot..

    A Canon 40D 10mp SLR and 8 lens' + accessories, filters, flashes...etc..

    and A Canon Is5s extended zoom camera.....awesome for autoshows or public events where you can use its swivel screen to shoot over people and obsrutuctions with ease..
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  4. MBGraphics

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    How are you liking that 40D scooter? I just bought one, waiting for it to get here.
    And what lenses do you have?

    Back on topic-
    With your budget, I would just get somthing like the Canon S5 IS or Nikon P80
    Canon:(Sorry, it's not in stock at B&H but it at least gives you the idea ;) )

    I say you should get one of those two because of your budget only because If you get a DSLR, it will cost more than that once you figure in new lenses and such.

    You could always get the Nikon D40 or Canon XT, but unless you are willing to put out money for extra lenses and to learn all the functions, they arnt worth it.
  5. MagnumC

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    nikon.. i bet you find something there..
  6. logies

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    Good, Lot of digital cameras is there. What specific features and questions did you have.

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