Looking for a Laptop

Gelinsky Gelin

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Hello, I have been looking into getting a new laptop for myself and I have found myself in a tight spot on which computer I should get. I'm looking for a device that can help me with school work, meaning I would like to multitask on the device. which is the main reason I'm buying it. But I would also like it to be lightweight and portable to work and school. I am also looking for a device I can do engage in light casual gaming such as installing an emulator. the two devices I'm currently looking at are the Dell Ispiron3593 and the Microsoft Surface go. I like the surface because I'm into drawing and I prefer writing my notes with my hands than typing them in class. If neither option is what you think I am open to recommendations. my budget for this laptop is just over $500. Thank you again for listening to my problem and helping me out.


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If you want causal gaming and multi tasking, you should looking something like 14" with Ryzen 5 CPU.

But you won't be draw on it.