looking to learn need advice ( cyber security )

I am looking to learn how to become a cyber security expert and would like your opinions on where to start. should i learn programming language 1st and if so which one, what about how antivirus software works or how virusus and other bad code is coded, maybe linux is better to use for learning i have never used linux but have read alot of internet pages about various distros
any books you recommend as i have alot of downtime in work so reading about computer stuff and watching youtube videos is what i do most of the day in work
what is your recommended things to learn 1st or in order
if anyone is a cyber security expert themselves i really would like to hear what you recommend
thanks for your input and recommendations
advice you give will be appreciated and i will follow up on so thank you for your reply


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Cybersecurity is a really, really broad field, and it sounds like you aren't quite sure what you would want to specialize in. I would consider getting your CompTIA Security+ certification. It's entry level, so it doesn't go very deep into anything, but it covers a lot of basic topics in the domain. Plus, I see it on almost every job posting in this field; it will significantly increase your chances of getting a job in your early career.

www.professormesser.com has a lot of really good, free videos to help you study. There's also some good books covering it, I would recommend the Darrel Gibson Get Certified Get Ahead book. You can find it on Amazon for about $40.

On top of that, this field requires you to keep up to date, so get used to reading a lot of blogs, news sites, podcasts, etc. Here's a few sites I would recommend:

And here's a few good podcasts to stay up to date:
The Cyberwire
SANS Internet Storm Center

Let me know if have any questions or need more advice.