Mail probs

Young Simmo

OK I am not a computer wizz, but I am having problems sending e-mails. My current settings are,
Can somebody please tell me what my setting should be. I am using Windows Live Mail on Windows 10


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Stop using Windows Live Mail for one (you're ALWAYS posting about how you have issues with it).

Second, get off your crappy ISP email and get a Gmail account instead.

But if you are hell bent on using that, the SMTP port should be 993 and the incoming port should be 587 (or 25 if 587 doesn't work).


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GMail or even Hotmail are great email providers.
Then use Mozilla Thunderbird as a client, and you will have no more problems.


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I refuse to install Windows Live Mail anymore, even when customers demand it. It's garbage and is only getting worse.

EM Client is a nice alternative if you want something that looks and feels somewhat similar. Thunderbird as mentioned is also good.


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It's also not supported anymore either. It's moved into the legacy world.
Yeah I know. I had to do some serious digging to find an installer for it a couple weeks ago in order to extract some corrupted and lost Live Mail Contacts and export them via CSV into EM Client.