Making an upgrade, Ryzen 1700x, i7 7700K, or Coffee Lake

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by memory, Jul 31, 2017.

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    3.8 is doable on almost all R7 chips. You likely can hit 3.6-3.7 on stock voltage with the 1700, I know mine does 3.6 at stock voltage. Getting to 3.9 is doable for almost all 1700X's from what I've seen and most 1700's can, mine included. I think I got mine to do 4.0 alright actually. Need to retest.
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    Ty for all the help so far, really appreciate it.

    I will have to read some guides on overclocking and probably ask questions here.

    About using my noctua cpu cooler, has anyone ever got the free mounting bracket from noctua? Just curious how long it would actually take to get it. It says 1-4 weeks, just curious if it was closer to 1 week or 4 weeks.
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  3. memory

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    Well I still have not made any purchases yet. Been kind of busy to mess with it.

    I am thinking about going with an intel build and maybe even waiting for Coffee Lake. Is there an exact release date for Coffee Lake? Would Coffee Lake be worth waiting for over the i7 7700k or the amd ryzen 1700? I do tend to keep my builds for a while and that is one reason I was considering waiting for Coffee Lake.

    Here is a parts list I put together for the intel build.
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    Yep, took a week and a half or so but it showed up no problem. Ran the DH-N14 on it for a while with no fans which easily kept it within temperature range.

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