Making hundreds of USB-sticks with ALMOST identical files


In short:
I have to make ~500 USB-sticks containing loads of documentation, most of which will be identical. However, each stick will have several unique files on it as well.

Does anyone know of a way to make this less tedious?
Currently my tactic will be to put the non-unique pack on the sticks, then manually drag over the unique files. This done in batches of ~20 (or however big a USB-hub I can find).

I'd be interested in some way to rename USB-sticks in batches as well.

Thanks in advance


Windows powershell could do that.

I'd suggest getting acquainted with Windows Powershell, then find a forum on Windows Powershell, and they could be helpful from there. It's the best I can suggest short of suggesting someone actually learn how to program Windows Powershell. I'd say if you get beginner's book on Windows Powershell, you can find a powershell forum to try and get some help on actually coding your issue.