Malware Removal


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The Windows Installation image knocks out anything in there :p

Malwarebytes is pretty decent if you don't want to go full fresh install
I sincerely hope you are asking for the BEST ANTI-malware software out there! :)

And the proper answer is: No software at all! (sounds strange?)
No Not really! since the use of an anti-virus software is not equal to SECURITY! (It only ADDS SOME security but it´s not security per se!)

So? What is true security then?

True security is built by making it as hard as possible for both malware and attackers to actually be able to cause damage or to be able to "install" malicious stuff in your computer..

And the easiest and best way to do this is by removing the ever so common misuse of Administrative rights, that most private users tend to use for their daily computer usage!
(read more here: How to BEST secure my PC? ( and One tweak can make your Windows PC virtually invulnerable | PCWorld and note! that this also mitigates most exploits of existing vulnerabilities 94% of Microsoft vulnerabilities can be easily mitigated | Computerworld So simply by NOT signing in as admin all the time will secure your PC BETTER than any anti-virus software ever can do IF you continue to always sign in as Admin! Why do you think every bigger organisation FORCES all users to have regular user-accounts instead of allowing then to use the Pc´s administrators account?)

So this is the BEST way of securing your PC against EVERY attack, malware or otherwise...

When you have done THIS, it´s time to supplement this security by installing a PROPER anti-virus software..
And I really do NOT fancy Malwarebytes at all! Much due to their variations in detection and that they more often have to many false positives, like you may see in the last part of this test result: Test Malwarebytes Premium 4.2.0 & 4.2.1 for Windows 10 (204015) | AV-TEST ( and you can see the variations in detection over time here: Test antivirus software Malwarebytes | AV-TEST (

I actually prefer that is free and allows you to control the protection of up to 3 different PC (or Macs) from the same registered account! And you do get 30 days of FREE Premium protection as well!