MatDeck - A more flexible math software? (Review)

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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been using it for about a year now, ever since I started learning how to program. In my opinion, I quite like the software and even though I hate most of the tasks I have to do, it does shorten late night work. The main 2 reasons I didn’t choose LabVIEW or Matlab was because after a bit of researching MatDeck was cheaper and came with built-in programming. MatDeck costs from 45($56.54) to 700($879.50) pounds depending on which one you buy. I’m not yet fully experienced or have the knowledge to use the added functions that come with the Commercial version so I chose the MatDeck Lite version as it’scheaper and still has all the primary functions that I use such as matrices and vectors, nonlinear equations and systems, and programming which I needed for my personal studies.

    The other main reason I chose to use MatDeck was the programming that comes with it. I started learning how to code first in python and then in C for about a year and a half ago. I mainly code in C but, if a piece of code is too hard, I find it easier to code in python. In MatDeck, it has coding and its other functions in the same document which is a nice thing for me because it allows me to keep my tasks together and in order. Basically, I can program and write text or graphs or something like that in the same document. It allows both python and the MatDeck script which is similar to C to be ran in the document. Personally, I find it easier to code in python on it but for any more experienced users or students doing programming at a higher level, you can use the built-in script that comes with it as it is almost as fast as normal C code. You can also choose whether you want to execute your code as a whole at the end or line by line. I don’t really care about this because I rarely use it but if you do want to use it you can switch between the two by entering equal signs in the code where you want to execute or turning it off and on again at the toolbar.

    Overall, MatDeck is pretty much just a cheaper LabVIEW or MatLab but with everything being able to be done in the same document. If you are looking for a software like this, I think it is a much more affordable option. Keep in mind, this is only my opinion so feel free to buy whatever software you want and I just want any ideas or suggestions from others who are in a similar situation. I recommend MatDeck if you’re looking for a math software that’s a bit more flexible and cheaper than the other options.

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