Mechanical Keyboard Recommendations


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Hullo! I would ask for some recommendations on a nice bang for buck mechanical keyboard that is under 120 USD. I'm hoping it has some RGB and I've been looking at the Logitech G512 but I've read some things about RomerG Switches.
I will be using the keyboard for work and play if that helps and a preference that it would be silent enough to not be detected by a mic.


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At work I use a Logitech G512SE with the GX-Blue switches and they're amazing. They are loud and clicky though, which is to be expected. At home I use a Gigabyte FORCE K83 with Cherry MX Red switches and they're much quieter but I've been told they're loud over a microphone, which likely has to do with the build of the keyboard. A more expensive keyboard with Cherry Reds will be much more quiet, and there is a Cherry MX Red Silent switch, as well.

Romer-G Tactile/ Linear or Cherry MX Red/ Silents are likely going to be your best options. Also read reviews of the keyboard(s) in question as well. Build quality can affect how loud the keyboard is.